From Our Principal

From Our Principal

It gives me enormous pleasure to cordially welcome you to the TWGHs Tsoi Wing Sing Primary School.


In light of an unprecedented influx of residents and striking population growth in Shatin of late, coupled with a general lack of enrollment places in the district, we obtained the notice and permission licensed by the Education Department Bureau last December that a temporary school site situated at Mei Lam Estate was to be renovated and projected to completion by September 2018. In the academic year 2018/2019, the school comprises five Primary 1, one Primary 4 and one Primary 5 classes.


Amidst slings of arrows and seas of difficulties, we have ironed out hurdles in all dimensions, from construction and renovation work foreseen to be completed by September 2018, meanwhile outlining a blueprint for our brand new campus located in Shui Chuen O which is projected to completion by 2022. The state-of-the-art campus will be fully equipped with a plethora of facilities which aid in students’ learning and development in the long run.


Our school aims to do the utmost possible to provide students with ample learning opportunities and a vibrant environment with a view to equipping students to become life-long learners with a sound foundation of knowledge, social and technical skills to meet future challenges, thus preparing them to be “The Leaders for Tomorrow”. Our challenging broad-based curriculum incorporate different types of learning opportunities such that students are encouraged to collaborate and co-construct knowledge with one another, to cultivate a creative frame of mind, critical and analytical reasoning, self-motivation, effective interpersonal and soft skills. The above are achieved through the four domains, namely, implementing school-based STEAM programme, inviting In-class Experts for specific skills, launching Discovery Learning Programme and Global and Civic Education Programme.


We pledge to put our focus on multiple intelligence and holistic development of characters where our students are expected to be humble, self-motivated, compassionate, responsible; and possess positive stamina; and meanwhile we step up strenuous efforts to uphold a rich English-learning environment and a unique cultural identity.


As the School Principal, I am more than honored to lead our students a fruitful and rewarding primary school life in the years to come, and unleash whatever potential students possess.


Tun-yu Leung,

The School Principal, TWGHs Tsoi Wing Sing Primary School



Master of Arts in Linguistics

Bachelor of Education in Primary Education

Tun-yu Leung,
The School Principal,
TWGHs Tsoi Wing Sing Primary School