Vision and Mission:

  • To develop pupils’ music skills, creativity and imagination to cultivate critical responses in music, as well as to understand music in context
  • Through diversified music activities, students will develop musical ideas and stretch their musicality
  • Through participating in music performances and competitions, pupils will enhance their confidence
  • Through participating in music creation activities, pupils will be encouraged to realise the full scope of their creativity



Our curriculum is a six-year program that instils a gradual advancement in difficulty levels of musical knowledge, from basic music theory, vocal music training, electronic music, world music, music making, music history, collaborative performances to instruments learning etc. This approach serves as a way to increase pupils’ musical exposure as well as granting them opportunities to express themselves musically. Hence, pupils are able to enjoy music and pursue it as a life-long passion.


As well as theoretical lessons, we value practical application of theories. Thus, our school implements music related ‘In-class Experts’ courses to develop pupil’s music skills according to their ability and interests.


Extracurricular activities such as instruments lessons and music band training are also available for pupils to enroll in, so as to train up their musical skillsets of instrumental performance, cooperation and musical appreciation.

Our school organises a School Choir and Percussion Band, and will develop different instruments bands and choirs in the future in order to achieve pupils’ balanced development in all aspects and prepare them to be future leaders.