Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities

Mission and Vision:

  • To reinforce the integration between extracurricular activities and formal curriculum to encourage the application of knowledge and skills acquired in lessons.
  • To provide platforms and learning experiences to maximize students’ potentials, encourage the pursuit of excellence and to train up all-rounded leaders of tomorrow.


  • Taking the advantage of the featured curriculum to practise in-class expert lesson model as well as to promote students’ multiple intelligences. Five in-class expert courses are provided (Including Football Training in English, Swimming Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Creative Arts Lessons and English Drama Lessons) so as to foster interests and basic knowledge, then the courses are to be adjusted gradually based on individual preference and grades.
  • Organising holistic and well balanced extra-curricular activities to cultivate multiple intelligences such as the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, to train up students’ growth mindset and to encourage them to attempt more.

Academic Maths Advanced Course Interview skill Leadership Training Speaking
Sports Martial Arts Chinese Dance English Football Rope Skipping Class
Floor Hockey Hip-Pop Basketball /
Music Violin Viola Cello Percussion