General Studies

General Studies

Vision and Mission:

  • Use diversified teaching strategies.
  • Emphasize diversified inquiry and experience-based learning activities.
  • Design school-based worksheets and self-study books to improve students' thinking ability and teaching and learning effectiveness.
  • Develop the element of "continuous update", in order to keep pace with advancing technology, and continue to optimize the school-based curriculum.
  • Train students to become leaders of tomorrow who are creative, educated and and who care about society.



  • Recognize the individual's responsibilities in the family, society, and the world, so as to become rational and responsible citizens.
  • Cultivate students' ability to cooperate with others, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and creativity.
  • Cultivate students' good reading habits.
  • Cultivate students to care and love the environment and practice green life.
  • Strengthen students' use of e-learning tools, strengthen interaction and autonomous learning.


The General Studies Activities and Photos: