Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Vision and Mission:

  • Providing venues for creative expressions to gain pupils’ sense of achievements and satisfaction.
  • Encouraging appreciation of art pieces to develop recognition, appreciation and criticism of art.
  • Instilling visual arts into daily life to encourage aesthetic appreciation.
  • Utilizing various forms and mediums of materials to create and make arts, including screen-print, design, sculpture, digital art, Chinese painting and photography.
  • Develop curiosity and growth mindset.



  • Lessons are given out based on different units to develop pupils’ generic skills and facilitate systematic learning.
  • Expanding English usage of Arts Vocabularies
  • Utilizing a sketch book to keep record of the progress of learning, incubation and creation.
  • Painting Visual book to reinforce the usage of visual elements and theory of organization.
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to beautify the school environment to infuse art into their lives.
  • Increase pupils’ sense of achievements through encouraging participations of different Hong Kong-wide and worldwide contests and displaying pupils’ artworks.
  • Providing in-class expert art lessons and activities to allow ways of expressions.