Winning the Second Runner Up in Minecraft x Esports Competition

Date: 08/07/2022

It is believed that many of us like playing Minecraft as it is very popular among us.
5 of our P.4 students got their first experience in participating Esports. John Li, Cyrus Ng, Suki Wong, Johnny Cheung and Zenko Tam represented our school to take part in “1st Minecraft Education Edition Computational Thinking x Esports Competition”.

This competition is organised by two secondary schools. They suggest putting the concepts and elements of programming and Esports together via Minecraft Education Edition, students’ teamwork spirit and leadership skills will be strengthened.
Students have to work as a team to conduct a real-time competition in PvP model.

Our students tackled the problems and were able to discuss the battle strategy depending on the situation. They made use of their computational thinking and programming skills to win their first place out on group match and the 2nd runner up on New Territories division. The five of them will continue to fight for victory on 28 August in the Olympic City. We can’t wait!