First Day of School Event

Date: 04/09/2023

Welcome back, dear students!

The first day of school finally arrived, and we were so excited to see all of you again!

In this new academic year, we will create more wonderful memories, learn new knowledge, and grow together. It will be filled with surprises and challenges, and we'll face them together!

To welcome you back, we organised a special "Welcome Back" event to infuse energy and joy into the first day of school!

Photo Session: Let's capture a precious moment together with our family and start this academic year with a beautiful one!

Welcome back mission: To know and communicate with your class teachers, greet them and get a Welcome Back sticker!

Let's embrace this brand new academic year with vitality and passion! Together, we strive for excellence and work hard to create a better tomorrow!

Aim high, Reach high! Together we can touch the sky!

Grateful to see you on the first day of school!