The Highlights of TWSPS 2nd Sports Day

Date: 06/06/2022

TWSPS 2nd Sports Day completed various exciting activities a few days ago! The theme of this school sports meeting is "Exercise Everywhere", which means that no matter where we are or what restrictions we might face with, we can still develop the habit of exercising regularly.

All the students became athletes that day. From the dance session, the sports competition to the quiz competition, they paid the greatest effort for their class! At the same time, through the cooperation with Mathematics and Visual arts teams, the activities of making physical fitness dice and paper cup Kendama have enriched the learning experience of students. Our school is also honoured to have invited the Hong Kong football player Mr. Yuen Ho Chun as guest, for sharing his own experience to encourage students to break through limitations and pursue their dreams.

Thanks to the assistance of parent volunteers, the students were able to sweat to the fullest, making the campus full of life and joy. Let's enjoy the tidbits of the school sports day together!